IDS has been a fixture at our office for the past weeks. Jeff very quickly was able to identify areas where we could use improvement.

As our company has grown over the past several decades, we have become comfortable with the status quo. Things that worked well in the past have become inefficient with our growth. With our management and employees keeping busy with the mechanics of fabricating pipe, time to think outside of the box had been consumed in production. Jeff was able to devote the needed time to help present solutions while training our key employees to implement these changes.

As the next generation owners of Mid America are emerging, they struggle to develop their place within the corporate structure. As John and Nick take more leadership of the company, Jeff was able to present ideas from his knowledge of other organizations. He has revamped the organizational chart allowing them a position utilizing their talents. Other areas of our company were also reorganized allowing our coating and lining manager to get back to the position he is best suited for by spinning off the shipping and material handling to a new formed department.

Jeff has opened the communication channels that are needed to assist Mid America in continuing to grow into the industry leader that we are positioned to become.

With the skills that he has trained our key employees to utilize, we are looking towards a brighter future. Sincerely, John

Product or Service Mentioned: International Development Services Consulting Service.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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