This letter serves as a description and critique, all positive, of services provided by IDS through Konrad. Over the last few weeks Konrad has introduced and implemented the methods brought forth in the plan designed by your firm.

Konrad has grasped the operations and type of business we have, which has made applying the plan to our business seamless. Konrad consistently displayed a professional approach to teaching and implementing the different process that were needed to develop our business and bring it into the 21st century. He worked very well with our staff and myself as an owner. Some of the items which have brought value form IDS’s services would consist of having a yearly budget for fiscal 1026 and 2017 that are updated at the close of each month.

As an owner I will be able to better track our expenses and expected profits. Konrad implemented numerous matrices that pertain to job costing to assist in proposing work and building a sales forecast to take back the market we have lost to outside competitors. These matrices have already assisted our firm to win bids during the process. Konrad created job task/duties for each group of employees so our firm can hold each employee accountable for their individual duties, along with a rating sheet to gauge how well or poorly they are performing their duties.

Konrad created an incentive plan so our firm can tie employee’s bonuses to their work performance, ending our trend of across-the-board bonuses at the end of the year.

Other meaningful and implemented services were provided by Konrad, but I do not have enough time do delve into each one. Our firm is very pleased with the value provided by tour firm through Konrad and look forward to seeing a net profit increase from the implementation of your plan.

Product or Service Mentioned: International Development Services Consulting Service.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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