We had been struggling with how and why we were not doing as well as we felt we should have with the time and investment going in to our company. We thought it was quite a risk to take on consulting, but knew it would be helpful for us now and in the future.

We were correct! Barry has been with us learning our interesting business and helping us see where we had some gaps. We have been just as much of challenge to him as he has been for us! We have a much better understanding of how we need to approach things in the future and get us motivated to get there.

We have now completed consulting, and look forward to our challenges ahead as this is still just the beginning.

We now feel like we have the necessary tools to accomplish what we have laid out ahead for us. Thank you for all the help, and we look forward to growing with Barry as a “check in” every once in a while to help remind us of our direction.

Product or Service Mentioned: International Development Services Consulting Service.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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