The IDS Company has been a company life saver for us. For a couple months my bookkeeper and I were trying to get a handle on what was happening with the business-we went from $2 million dollar a year company to $5 million a year company and did everything the same-problem was we seemed to be going backwards.

We had talks on what we needed to do to turn it around but each week did nothing and knew some things we needed to do but another week went by with no time to do anything to get a handle on our situation. A gentleman stopped in on Friday about 4:00 and gave me information and hit on a couple issues that this company could help with. He said all I have to do is agree to have someone come in and would only cost about $1,200.00and that I would never regret it. I agreed.

Jerry was the first person to come in and talk with us on things IDS could help with. His knowledge and point blank slap in the face facts sold me on that he truly knew our faults and offered firm direction on a few immediate things that needed to happen-immediately. Through his questions and our answers he started hitting the nail on the heat time after time! After a couple days we signed on having Konrad and another come in to go through everything- financial and our business plan.

Konrad had the expertise to ask many quality questions to our team each week-gave us the ammunition and taught us many different ways of fact checking how our company was doing financially and what matrix was doing on different fronts. Through the first couple weeks we started doing the things necessary to follow in the footsteps that we were guided to do. We started getting things done because we were sold on the entire directional package that Konrad was offering. During our final few days of Konrad’s direction, I started wondering about when and how any follow-ups would happen.

How would we actually perform knowing Konrad would not be there to help being the backbone and how would we perform with the tools and knowledge we were given. Should have known this company has ALL bases covered-Konrad went through all our guides and matrixes and explained how each month we need to report in so if anything started to falter-someone would step in and get us back on track! I am so impressed! I had a meeting with my bookkeeper and told him that we must be doing something right.

When we were in dire need someone above was watching out for us and sent us the help and direction we needed! The company was IDS. This company has people that know how to help! Great Company!

Great people-going to miss Konrad-he has become a friend to all of us and will miss him! Mark Ballman

Product or Service Mentioned: International Development Services Consulting Service.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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