A few months ago Crystal Imaging was contacted by IDS. At the time I knew we had great potential.

However, we were little out of our league. We had huge growth in a short period of time! I am not sure if you have heard this, but we had a client in the healthcare industry that still uses us over 10 years later. They absolutely loved our staff and drive as a company.

They would refer to us as “the boys in the tree house.” We were casual, fun and always delivered results! As we grew, we disappointed our clients and ourselves. We thought we could keep growing and did dangerously. After discovering Crystal Imaging, your team sent an analyst, project manager, tax attorney and of course our friend and mentor, Carol, to look at our company.

We were told a lot about our company (and ourselves). Soon after your team looked at numbers and talked with our staff. It was eye opening to say the least. Soon after we agreed to move forward with your company, it was apparent that this was the right decision.

We were already struggling in our partnership and extremely dysfunctional. We also realized that there was work to be done and it needed to start at the top with us the partners. I never realized how hard it would be to change that person I was compared to who I am today! I now see that I am actually more like I was before the extreme stress of job (as it was) set into life.

This is what dysfunction will do to you, if you let it. We learned that our company had to come together in all departments as we attempt to survive to our fullest potential. The 1st thing we needed to do was take our business back. We needed to let our staff know that we heard them and would take action to build policy and teamwork!

This is extremely difficult when you keep so much discussion so quiet. However, we needed to make big change and add strength to our company! I would not be able to finish this letter without mentioning my friend and mentor, Carol. Her experience and leadership was “alive at Crystal Imaging!” She should work daily for hours at a time making sure my role as President and CEO was clearly understood and properly executed by me and the “Leadership Team.” She quickly saw this vision I had was trapped and allowed me the opportunity to unleash it into action!

We have created our budget for 2018 already. We will be beyond $12.5M next year because of the commitment of our team! We have also agreed to an incentive plan for our employees. Thank You for sending Carol to our team!

We will miss her but make her proud at the same time! In closing, we will be great moving forward! However, we need to look in the mirror every day and bring our “A” to the “Crystal Imaging Team” and “customers.” We “must” realize that it’s up to us to avoid failure and move this company to heights never imagined!

Thank-you and your staff for a job well done! Best, Arthur

Product or Service Mentioned: International Development Services Consulting Service.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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