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This company first uses recruiting resources. They called our company several times to see how much information they could get from employees to get their foot in the door.

After several attempts nothing worked so they lied and said they were one of our vendors. We talk to him thinking he was one of our vendors but then we were interested he talked a fair game. IDS was going to review my operation and financial and tax down falls. They would send in an analysis to review our records and he would make recommendations to improve our company.

Don't fall for it, they catch unwary contractors with their devious agency tricks. They sent a senior business analyst to our business for an in depth examination of our business. He flew in from Colorado where the business is located. He stated that he needed all our taxes returns and companies financial records to look them over to see if he could save us money and make us over 50,000.

This total fee would be 1,300.00 payable to the head hunter finder fee for bringing IDS to us for analysis. I said why so much he said his company wanted to make sure we were totally in this as a good faith, so we would not waste their time. Unfortunately we gave him all our information (social security, addresses, full names) of each family member. Without regard to these people have our life in their hands all the scam information they would need and all we have is a business card?

This is how good this company is gaining trust, confidence his in that his company will make you a lot of money. He talked to each member of the family like he was a preacher to show he cared about people. The next step was for his company to bring in a tax consultant team which are attorneys also to see how he could save us money from our previous tax returns. He assured that he could get us an substantial rebate from the IRS.

We agreed to paying airfare for the team to go over our taxes. This scheme cost us $1,698.56 for this other company STA to come to our business. One person was a tax consultant from STA and the other person was a project manager from IDS. Our understanding was they would fly in and out the same day.

We were charged for 2 hotel rooms, 2 cars, and food. We argued and question them for four hours they never even looked at our taxes which they came to "review of my operations and financial performance" which is on the agreement I signed. Our argument was why so much for nothing. We are out of $2,998.56.

International Development Services preys on small business. They use tacits of "theft of trust".

Marketing scheme of victims tricking them into their money making program. Deceptive billing practices methods.

Reason of review: Billing for consulting services.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

International Development Services Pros: Conception.

International Development Services Cons: Deceptive practices.

Location: Hanover, Maryland

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Wow. Wish I would of read this yesterday before I warned 4 hours of my business life with David a hard core salesmen that demanded at the end, we sign up for next day consulting or..., very intimidating and high pressure.

Felt like a Timeshare presentation and max pressure at the close. I just walked out!

Wow.. Beware


This company also works under the name of Global Resources. They are scam artists!