I am writing this as a referral for the services provided by IDS. I own a small medical marijuana company in Colorado.

I was doing ok but felt that I was lacking in one are on particular and that is the “Business of Business.” IDS came by one day and pitched me on what they could offer and it seemed like something I could benefit from. After meeting with the original consultant they sent another guy for a complimentary follow up. I decided to pursue this and hire them and give it a try. This is when I met “my guy” Jeff.

Jeff sat with me for roughly two weeks and we went through my business A-Z. We looked at my production side where we cultivated marijuana and all the systems in place. Then dove into my dispensary where we sold the product. He got me familiar with many of the systems used and general practices.

Jeff was a very guy to talk to and I didn’t mind having him around. The cost of hiring IDS for a small company like mine is hard to stomach and cost me a lot of sleep. However, the cost of going out of business was much worse. I’m just beginning this process but am feeling very optimistic.

Jeff helped guide me through increased production, higher sales average and behind the scenes systems to help me navigate margins, forecasting profits and cash management. I now have a much clearer vision of where I want to go with my company and have been given a map of how to get there. Within a year’s time I see a vast improvement on my company and quality of life.

I would highly recommend Jeff and truly meant it when I say “He is a swell guy.” To me he seemed a straight shooter and a guy who has lots of life experiences to draw from. I look forward to implementing everything he taught me and using him as a resource when the need arises.

Product or Service Mentioned: International Development Services Consulting Service.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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